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 Volume 7 No. 4                                                                                   April,  2005

The Official Monthly Publication of the British Motor Club of The Cape Fear


Presidents Message

As promised, our last membership meeting at the Reel Café, only lasted 20 minutes.  It was a great location for the meeting, private bar, meeting room, wait staff and good food and spirits.   Parking was a little difficult, with some finding spaces 3 blocks away.  Turnout was excellent, with many new members attending their first meeting.  Our April 21st meeting will be at Sticky Fingers on Market St, next to Hooters (with a huge parking lot).

Our trip to the Outer Banks was a blast.  Great weather, good company and the cars ran well.  One thing that helped me enjoy the trip even more was my CB radio.  It is an old Lafayette, probably as old as my car.  But it still works and is really fun to be able to chat back and forth with other people in the group during the trip.  It also helps to be able to communicate urgent needs, such as gas, breakdowns, restroom, or hunger pangs, from the front to the back of the convoy.   Cell phones are great, but sometimes don’t get reception in the middle of the ferry ride or outback country, and they are hardly functional for a group discussion.  Walkie talkies are hard to hear with the top down, unless you have it to your ear and many do not have variable frequencies where all can be on the same “channel”.  I’ll bet many of you have one of these antique CB’s tucked away in the garage.  Get it out and install it.  Lets enjoy the fellowship of the club during the ride as well as after. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I let the Healey sit for several weeks without driving it, especially in the moist/humid summer months, I find that it is sometimes hard to start and then the engine misfires for several minutes.  My guess is that there is moisture getting into the points in the distributor.  I have therefore decided to invest in a Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition (  This Hall Effect device replaces the points and condenser, lasts the life of the vehicle, and supposedly provides a substantially hotter spark, allowing more complete burning of the fuel, providing more power, better fuel economy and elimination of “run on” after the ignition is turned off.  That seems like a lot of benefit for a “mere” $80.  Installation appears to be easy.  Remove old points and condenser, screw in Ignitor, attach the wires, start engine, check and adjust timing.  I will let you know how it works out.  But probably the easiest way to prevent moisture in the distributor is to drive it often, but then again you would still have to replace the points and condenser periodically.

See you at the next meeting,



Be sure to read the HOT NEWS pages this month.  They contain important information




So you wanted to stage an event in which you could drive your car.  Not just putter around town for a few miles and then park someplace where passers by could stop and admire the shiny paint and clean wheels which took you all afternoon to polish.  You wanted to really drive.  To pack up the boot, snap on the side curtains and take off cross country.  Press on regardless of weather, ferry schedules, breakdowns and anything else fate could throw at us.  That’s exactly what a group of us did recently.

Text Box: Starling’s BJ8 dodging sand on the Outer Banks


The weatherman  had been predicting rain and high winds along the coast and that probably deterred some folks from making the trip with us.  But Saturday morning showed up with bright sunshine, albeit pretty darn cold for this time of year and six  buttoned up cars left the Hampstead Food Lion parking lot. 


The following BMCCF members made the trip with us:

Jeff & Paula Starling in their Healy

Dan & Estelle Samel in their TR3

Linda Masters & Pat Hogan in Linda’s new MINI

Myself and Jim Hogan in my MGB-GT

Pete & Marcy Mullen and Victor & Mary Mannino in their family iron. 

Last but certainly the most brave was Prez. Bill Massey in his Healy, who drove the whole weekend with the top down and no hat. 

Text Box: Lined up at the ferry

We motored up past Jacksonville and  picked up Hans and Syble Jacobsen who met us in their Morgan +8 and then the group proceeded on to the Cedar Island ferry.  This leg of the trip is a nice drive by itself.  No traffic to speak of and the rural country side is a welcome relief from the congestion of Wilmington. 

We got snugly tucked away on the ferry and settled down to enjoy lunch and the 2 ½ hour ride.  Once out on the water, the breeze died down and everybody decided to sit outside and enjoy the sun.  The next leg of the trip, between Okracoke and Manteo, was probably the least interesting in terms of roadside scenery. Unless you plan to stop and visit the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse or walk on the beach, all you see are dunes on each side of the road.  In some spots it’s downright desolate.  A few of us couldn’t get on the second ferry because of the altered winter schedule and were forced to wait an hour for the next one.  Because it was nearing twilight, the leading group went on ahead to the hotel and informed them that the rest of us were on the way.

We joined up again for dinner at the Weeping Radish Restaurant in Manteo.  The Radish is a bona fide Bavarian pub serving some of the best German food I’ve ever tasted.  Maybe not for everyone, especially if you’re on a diet,  but after a full day of driving it’s a great place to relax, eat and drink some really great beer brewed right on the premises. If you want to sample some, they have it on tap at Fat Tony’s on Front Street.

After a peaceful night and complimentary breakfast at the Elizabethan Inn, we were on the road again at 9:30 the next morning. We headed west across Roanoke Island and down US64 towards Lake Mattamuskeet.  Just for kicks, we drove across the lake on the causeway that divides it in half.  Our original plan was to catch the free ferry at Bayview and shoot over to New Bern for lunch and then on home on US17.  Like all plans though, we were pre-empted by other circumstances.  A small, unplanned detour at Belhaven took us through the center of town instead of around the outside and while we were pulled over checking the maps, a couple of local townsfolk brought to our attention that we were parked right across the street from the best restaurant in town, The Fish Hook Café.  Truth be told, it was probably the only restaurant in town but we decided to give it a try anyway.  It was good.  The problem was that it caused us to miss the ferry and once again, because of the  winter hours we were looking at an hour and a half wait.  That didn’t set too well so we decided to motor on to Little Washington and pick up 17.  At least we got to go through the historic village of Bath that way and again the roads were scenic and quiet. On Route 17, everybody broke up in groups of one or Text Box: Dan & Estelle at the Fish Hook Cafe

two and headed home.  We were all safely back at the barn by about 5:30 PM.   

Everybody’s car performed flawlessly and other than a few sore butts and backs we all agreed that we had a good time.  The only suggestion was that we plan the next trip over a several day period.  Driving is fun, but only a few of us are what you would call kids anymore.  Makes sense to me. We covered about 450 miles in two days.  Three days would have been easier.  I think next spring we’ll head over near Boone and follow the Parkway down to Georgia.  Is anybody up for that?

The next time you see Dan & Estelle Samel bow down on one knee and pay them homage for being the most senior members, in terms of age, to make the trip with us.  They also drove the oldest car.  That’s what I call the right way to perpetuate our hobby.  Anybody can coast down hill in a parade or sit next to their car all day at a show but for those of us who really like  to drive.  Damn the fear of breakdowns and gas prices.  Full speed ahead.


Dale M.


Coming Events


21 Regular BMCCF business meeting,  Sticky Fingers, 5044 Market St. 6:15 PM for food Meeting at 7:00 PM

22-24th - The 20th Annual South-Central British Car Gathering - for more information:,, or email Jamie Palmer at or Steve Ward at (704) 553-0135

28th British Car week,

28th – May 1Classic Motorsports at the Mitty, Road Atlanta,

30thCape Fear AACA Antique Car Show,  Westfield Mall,  Reg. 9 -11 AM, Contact Jeff Oaks (910) 343-1331,

30thRims on the River, See flyer, this Issue


14thCape Fear Rover Dealership display, Details tbd

15thBritish Classic Car Meet, Virginia Aviation Museum, Richmond, Va, Reg 9-1 PM, Contact Gary Kinney (804) 527-2190,

21st –.Brookgreen Gardens & Red Oak Tavern

See details in HOT NEWS, This Issue

22th Bluegrass Austin-Healey Spring Tour

This is a warm-up for British Car Week! Tour of the Blueridge Parkway begins in Cherokee, North Carolina and ends in Waynesboro, Virginia. This tour begins on May 22 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and will finish May 27 at Waynesboro at the I-64 interchange.

Please contact Bob Thurman at:


04-05 25th Annual British Car Day South

Car Show: Sunday, June 5, 2005 

 Rally: Saturday, June 4, 2005
 Touring and sight-seeing:  Saturday, June 4, 2005

Location: Dan Nicholas Park, Salisbury, N.C.

Host Hotel: Hampton Inn, Salisbury, N.C., 704-637-8000

Contact:     Registration: Ann & John Jones,

June – cont’d


10-12 at Virginia International Raceway under

Gold Cup Historic Races* VIR is located 20 miles southeast of Danville, Virginia right on the Virginia/North Carolina border.

16-19 Watkins Glen International Raceway under HSR* Watkins Glen is located in upstate New York at the southernmost tip of Seneca Lake.

24-26 Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course under SVRA* Mid-Ohio is located 70 miles north/northeast of Columbus, Ohio near the town of Lexington.

26-July 1 Conclave in Winston-Salem N.C. (This is a non-race event.) In addition to the great group racing at these events, the sanctioning bodies have granted the AUHC all-Healey feature races!!!


9thClassy Chassis Car Show, Poplar Grove Plantation, Scotts Hill, NC, Reg. 8 – 12 PM, Contact (910) 686-9518,



  Dates tba Southeast regional MG Fall Festival,  Dillard Georgia,  Contact Dennis DeLoatch,770-321-6849,

30 – 1 Autumn in the Mountains, Hendersonville, NC


1-3  Annual Fall British Car Festival,  Waynesboro, VA,  Michael Brittingham,  540-456-8436,

15 – 17 EURO 2005 Auto Festival,  BMW Zentrum Visitors Center, I-85, South Carolina,  Betty Harbison, 864-814-1078


5th  BMCCF Brits at the Battleship, Paul Buckner  910-755-6099,











Minutes of March 17th Meeting at Reel Cafe


President Bill Massey called the meeting to order at 6:55.  A motion to approve the minutes of

the previous meeting as published was made by Dale Masters, seconded by Chip Cooper.

Motion passed.



            Jack Corbell ('60TR-3), Andy and Stephanie Stevens ('57 MGA), and Miller Van Vliet ('58 TR-3), were introduced



            Treasurer's report by Linda Masters. Balance 2/28/05 $1,334.50, deposit 3/4/05 $140, total $1,474.50, expenses $48.82 (Stamps-printing), Balance $1,425.68. 

Membership report by Linda Masters.  Family members 46, individual members 95.

Battleship Show report by Paul Buckner.  Cookie Cooper is working on a brochure which will be mailed.  Paul needs to know the names and addresses of other car clubs.  Dale is to get this info to Paul.  Paul urged that any ideas or suggestions members have for the show should be emailed to him (  The show is not limited to British cars,

so talk up the show.  The date is Saturday November 5th, 2005.


            Dale said it will be out on time this month.  He is always looking for articles.  Let Dale know how you got your car, etc.  Rather than wait for volunteers Dale will be calling people for articles.  Paul said he will send Dale an article for April.


            Bill reported eight cars took the trip to up Hatteras to Manteo.  The weather was  beautiful, the scenery impressive, and the company great.  Everyone made it there and back. We were even able to find propane for Jacobson's '82 Morgan Plus 8.  Drivers on the Manteo trip were:  Dale Masters and Jim Hogan (MGB-GT), Dan and Estelle Samel ('61 TR3-A), Victor

and Mary Mannino (Mercedes), Jeff and Paula Starling (Austin Healy 3000), Hans and Lillie Jacobson ('82 Morgan +8), Bill Massey (Austin Healy), and Linda Masters & Pt Hogan (Mini- Cooper).  Everyone should consider taking a trip with the club.



            Jack Corbell, President of The Triumph Club of the Carolinas announced the April 22-24

"Gathering in The Blue Ridge" in Dobson, NC.  Last year there were 300 cars.

            Bill announced some upcoming events:  SAT  April 30th, "Rims on The River", classic and hot rod show sponsored by the City of Wilmington.  Details will be published on our website. 

SAT May 14th,  Land Rover Dealer Show.  Last year was fun, & lunch provided  by the dealer was great. 

SAT May 21, Tour of Brookfield Gardens, and meeting with Charleston Club (will try to move this date). 

SUN  May 22nd Rally and dinner at Roberson's.

June 4th and 5th Annual British Car Day South at Salisbury, NC.   June 26th National Austin Healy Conclave in Winston Salem. 

July 9th, 2005 (9-4pm) at Poplar Grove Plantation (Scotts Hill)

the "Classy Chassis Show", Sun Coast Cruisers are co-sponsoring the show.  Dale is getting a

booth so he can sell his book, "The Body Under The Bonnett", and will share with the club. We

can put up our banner, etc. Registration is at 8am. 

            Bill suggested again that the members purchase a CB for trips, and the need to

establish the CB channel before the trip.  Bill gave out free passes that the Battleship gave to

us for our contributions.

            Dale announced that Larry Neu, a former member of BMCCF, had passed away. Dale

and Linda will attend a service on Saturday March 19, and sign for the club.

            Jeff suggested we look into McDaniels on College Road in Wilmington as a potential

meeting place.


            Will be at STICKY FINGERS, Market Street at New Centre Dr., Wilmington, THURSDAY

April 21st.

            The meeting was adjourned at 7:20.


            Respectfully submitted.

            Estelle Samel, Secretary


Classified Ads

Creative Ads



Greenside Mews
Classic British Auto & Repair
D. C. Masters
Olde Point Rd.
Hampstead, NC 28443
(910) 270-7762

1982 Datsun 280Z 2+2

 fixer-upper with T-top and automatic transmission in good shape mechanically, but pretty bad shape body and interior-wise. Factory tape player and radio malfunction. All six fuel injectors where replaced in 1999. The front tires are about a year old. Take a look and talk price in person. 


Contact Leslie K. Wright   @ 264-6193


Foreign & Domestic Auto Specialists
We service all types of vehicles
From 1950’s to 2004
Carl Wilson, Terry Tracy
(910) 791-5074
6748 Market St.

Wilmington, NC 28405

Technical advice for members!


The A/C system includes the compressor, underdash moldings for both sides, built in fan and condenser / evap. unit  The turbo is a new bolt on unit made by AKK, Germany  The A/C is $560.00,  The Turbo is $525.00

Selby Jones: (919) 467-4426 (Raleigh)

 Official BMCCF nametags are required at all events or when you are representing the club.

Originally ordered name tags are now available from Linda Masters (910) 270-7762
 $4.50  Pin Clasp
$7.00  Magnet Clasp


---4--- 15”  Wire Wheels With Tires in excellent condition- $500 ,Healey 3000 full tonneau cover fits1963-1967-$150, MGB full tonneau cover for high back buckets-$125 ,MGB boot cover -$50 ,TR6 boot cover -$50 ,All covers are like new. .MGB luggage rack -$50 ,MGB 1968 engine, needs work -$100 , New WINDSHIELD for Healey 3000 1963-1967 still in shipping box - $200. Power
amp with cable 500 watts and Boston speakers make offer. Various car covers (COME SEE) and various Austin Healey 3000 parts


1950    MG – TD


Non Restored,  Body & Frame solid with no rust.  New wiring Harness with signal lights installed,  100% engine rebuild with special MOSS Chrome moly crankshaft

Runs & drives great.



Contact :  Neal Turner  (910) 231-1882


1965 MGB
Less than 2000 miles since restored late 1980's. Early 1965 - pull door handles. Original wires, stainless exhausts, electronic ignition,  red with black interior. Great chrome. Rust free. Spares. All records and receipts. $7000 firm.
 Billy Rae Scott


The Body Under the Bonnet

A mystery novel for lovers of classic British cars.

Contact D. C. Masters

(910) 270-7762 or






Victor Mannino                   4/3

Pat Bennett                          4/9

Marilyn Bollinger                4/30

Gail Guthrie              4/24

Syble Jacobsen                  4/12





 Pat & Wayne Bennett                   4/24

Hans & Syble Jacobsen               4/20

Joe & Joan Justice                        4/29
















Sad news to report this month.  One of our newer members, Larry Neu, owner of  73 autumn gold MGB roadster, passed away at home during the week of may 7th, 2005.  Memorial services were held at Cobel Ward’s Oleander Chapel on Saturday May 19th.  Larry’s son, Dan Neu is also an MG enthusiast and is going to keep the roadster in the family.  Larry was a good friend and will be missed.


Brookgreen Gardens & Red Oak Tavern outing to be held on May 21st - The outing on this day is going to start with coffee and donuts from 8am-9am at John and Trudy Williamson’s in Leland. (Call for directions) We will be leaving at 9am and caravanning to Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, just the other side of Myrtle Beach SC. We will be meeting up with the British Car Club of Charleston for a tour of the gardens and lunch. Lunch will be held at the Red Oak Tavern, an authentic British Tavern; and if enough people attend, they will be opening early just to accommodate our clubs.

Exact times will be forth coming once it gets a little closer and the two clubs finalize plans. Please look for these plans in the April newsletter.

Those of you who wish to visit the gardens before hand please go to Admission on the day we will attending will be $12.00 per person and seniors will by $10.00.


It seems like organizations tend to plan events in April.  Probably because the weather isn’t too hot yet and everyone wants to be outside.  The problem occurs when two major events are planned the same day, in the same town as is the case with the Rims on the River Show  and the AACA Antique auto show, both scheduled for April 30. Obviously, the AACA show will be well attended by their rank & file members.  BMCCF on the other hand has been asked to support  Rims on the River and an application flyer has been included in this issue.  If you intend to attend Rims on the River, please submit your application as soon as possible. 


Be sure to check the activities calendar this month.  Several new events have been added.  If you know of an activity that should be on the list let the editor know via e-mail and it will be added.  Also, if you’re planning an event yourself, please be sure to let us know.  We’ll add it to the list and place a flyer in the letter that no one will miss.  That is if you read the newsletter.


If you haven’t  paid your dues for 2005 your name has been put on the inactive list and you will receive no future notifications of club activities.  You can send $20.00 payable to BMCCF to Linda Masters, 610 Olde Point Rd.  Hampstead, NC 28443 if you want to be placed back on the list


As we said last month, we need involvement to help make our club a fun organization.  Please consider submitting items to the newsletter.  As the saying goes, We’ll print anything that’s fit.  Also, consider sponsoring an event of some type.  A rallye,  tour, picnic, movie night, anything you find interesting.  Contact Terry Smith and discuss it with him.









You’re invited

to the Downtown Business Alliance of Wilmington’s



Vintage Car and Hot Rod show


Presented by

Fat Tony’s Italian Pub & Advance Auto Parts


WHEN:            Saturday, April 30th 11am to 5 pm (raindate Saturday May 7)

WHERE:         Market & Front Streets in historic downtown Wilmington

WHAT:            *FREE and open to all cars 1970 and older

                        *Awards will be given for People’s Choice, Participant’s Choice, and Best in Show

                        *Live broadcast and great gifts given away from KOOL 98.7

                        *50/50 raffle to benefit the Wilmington Children’s Museum

                        *Post show party at Fat Tony’s 5pm-9pm 131 N. Front Street

HOW:              To register complete attached registration form. There is limited space available and slots will be given on a first come first served       basis. For more information contact Chris Andrews 910-251-0727 or

HOTEL:           Hampton Inn Medical Park has a block of rooms for RIMS  participants. Call 910-796-8881 before April 8th to reserve this special rate of $89-$109 depending on room type

                        2320 S. 17th Street-about 3 miles from the show



Special thanks to our sponsors:

FAT TONY’S Italian Restaurant, Advance Auto Parts

Bob King Pontiac, Cruisers Car Wash, Star News, Encore Magazine, Adpak Magazine, WECT-TV6, FOX 26, KOOL 98










Rims on the River Application

Mail completed application to:

Rims on the River

PO Box 208, Wilmington, NC 28402-0208

Tel: 910-251-0727


Name of Club (if applicable):________________________________________________________

Contact Person: _________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone #:________________________ Fax: ______________________ E-Mail: _____________________

What type of car/s will you be displaying: 




More cars can be listed on the reverse side of this page.



Space: Each car will be given a parking space on the street. Vendors must stay within the confines of their space and work with given site specifics. Selection of car space will be determined by date application was received.




Application Deadline:  April 18, 2005


Cancellation Policy: Please contact us within 48 hours if you cannot attend. Your space can then be given to a car on the waiting list.


Restrictions: Downtown Business Alliance reserves the right to restrict any activities determined by the show staff to interfere with public access and safety or programming.


Agreement: The undersigned hereby discharges the Downtown Business Alliance, volunteers, sponsors, the City of Wilmington, and the property owners of the land used in and adjacent to the show, of any and all claims, damages, or loss to the undersigned’s property during the event.  The undersigned agrees to abide by the rules established by the Downtown Business Alliance committee. Those not in compliance will be suspended from future participation and are subject to removal.




Signature _________________________________Date _______________________________









D. C. Masters

610 Olde Point Rd.

Hampstead, NC 28443




Please Send This To:                                                         FIRST CLASS