Join our Club!

Click on the fhe following link to open & print the BMCCF membership document: The form can be used for both new member enlistment & existing member renewal.

BMCCF Membership Renewal Form

Note from Caryl:

The coming of fall means the paying of dues.  As registrar, I am trying to keep all records accurate and up to date.  I will have copies of the Membership Renewal Forms with me at car club meetings and events, as well as addressed envelopes for member convenience.

As a paid member, you will receive a receipt from your registrar and the privilege of participating in a year of driving fun, eating fun, touring fun and fixing-broken-parts fun with the support and expertise of fellow members and the community tool box.

Please take the time to print out the Membership Renewal Form and send it with your check to Caryl Finn, or easily renew your membership at the next meeting.

 Thank you!

Caryl Finn