About our Club

About the British Motor Club of the Cape Fear.

Up to and during the 60’s the main sports car focus in the Wilmington, NC area was racing and rallying.  SCCA was the only game in town and eventually, even that outlet became non-existent. In order to hang out with other car nuts who liked to tinker with SU carburetors and Lucas electrics you had to drive at least a hundred miles to find the next group of enthusiasts. 

Finally, a small but tenacious group of British car enthusiasts got tired of watching the hot rodders and Saturday night cruisers have all the fun and began to scour the area for known British car owners.  They even went so far as to chase people down who were seen driving a British car and do a little arm twisting in the name of the hobby. 

After a few sputtering starts,  in 1998 a solid core of around fifteen people founded the club and chose the first slate of officers.  The club has grown slowly but steadily since then with a current roster of one hundred and fifteen enthusiastic family members.

Monthly gatherings are held on the third Thursday of each month at Temptations Everyday Gourmet on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC.  The Actual proceedings begin at 7:00 PM and come early at 6 PM if you wish to eat with us.

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